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Chances are, if you’re reading this, we’re right on track to becoming fast friends. Put up your feet, pass the wine, and read on!

What makes my heart swell and my brain hum? Love stories. Not your run of the mill, movie popcorn love – but the real, unrelenting kind. The kind that sings along with you in the car and remembers just how you like your coffee. The one you have a million nicknames for, the one you have secret jokes only they know, and the person who makes a house your home. Sound like your love? Yeah, we’ll hit it off just fine.

My style is candid, warm, romantic and fun. I don’t believe in stiff posed photos, but rather capture meaningful moments that reflect who you are as a couple. As a visual storyteller I am dedicated to photographing the moments you will cherish forever.

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Elisa & Jordon

There are literally no words to describe Jessilynn. Aside from the fact that we absolutely loved her portfolio, the minute we met her we knew she would be perfect!

She was extremely easy to work with and after speaking with her she knew exactly what we wanted and how best to achieve it. Our guests absolutely adored her and have all asked for her contact info for family/friends they know that are getting married. Our photos were even better than we could have ever imagined.

Lindsey & Jeremy

What attracted me to Jessilynn's work was how her pictures looked romantic. You could feel the romance and that shining happiness because of the light choice and the tone choice used for taking the pics and in editing.

She was very responsive in all of my email inquiries and set up a meeting to get to know us as a couple and she was really fun, relaxed and prepared for the meeting. She spent time with me closer to my wedding date to scope out locations for pictures which really put me at ease knowing there was a plan in place! I really like my pictures and would recommend Jessilynn for your big day too!

Katie & Steve

We aren't people that naturally photograph well. And we are both pretty awkward! So it made us really nervous to think about a camera being on us during such an intimate and special time, for such a long time! To say that Jessilynn made this process not only easy and comfortable but with such incredibly beautiful results is an understatement.

Jessilynn is fun and so relaxed and she is a true artist. Even though we rushed her through the day, she made sure to find just enough time to make art pieces from her surroundings. Reflections, decor, angles and so much more were all incorporated into our shots so that they will look amazing on our walls for a lifetime. She's also got a knack for capturing sweet and special moments - some you didn't even realize were being taken until you look at the photos after - that is a real treat!

It's imperative that you invest in a photographer that will capture what is one of the most special days of your lives - Jessilynn is the absolute top of the line. A true ten out of ten.

Isha & Renan

Jessilynn did a fantastic job on our wedding and engagement photos. We get tons of compliments on how beautiful and creative they are. Jessilynn has excellent vision and taste, and she puts in tons of extra effort. Plus her personality is great; she is really fun to work with!

Jessilynn was full of unique ideas, so our photos are truly fresh and original. She even asked to review our wedding itinerary well ahead of time, and then offered helpful suggestions so our big day was more organized and entertaining. Every discussion we had with her was filled with her enthusiasm, which would always make us even more excited for our wedding than we already were. Even though she lives in Toronto, and our events were in Alberta, she was a breeze to communicate, plan and prepare with.

We are not the type of people to be comfortable in front of a camera, or to like seeing photos of ourselves, but everything with Jessilynn felt great. We can't thank her enough for such beautiful and incredible results! We sincerely cherish our wedding and engagement photos!

Emelyn & Scott

Jessilynn immediately stood out from others photographers I contacted. She was always quick to answer all of my questions and chat through ideas.

Jessilynn was incredibly sweet, quick to adapt, and did everything in her power for us to get the photos we wanted. The photos are simply gorgeous. Beyond how beautiful the photos are, Jessilynn did an amazing job capturing the FEELING of the day. I look back at these photos and the happiness, the intimacy, the emotion - it's all right there in the picture.

Mindy & Kinson

One of our best friends hired Jessilynn for their wedding and constantly reminded us how Jessilynn was her favourite wedding vendor...and we completely feel the exact same way!

During the several months leading up to our wedding, we felt like we could ask her anything like a friend and always expect a detailed & honest answer. We loved the different camera angles, beautiful lighting, vivid colours, black & white photos. Jessilynn definitely delivered beyond our expectations! It's hard to find the right words to express our gratitude for Jessilynn's dedication and hard work ethic but I can tell you that we are truly happy with choosing her to be our photographer on our wedding day!

Isabel & Luis

From a grooms perspective... After our first meeting with Jessilynn, we both said Yes. She was easy going, attentive, curious and had a wealth of information to share. There are probably books and lists out there that tell you what needs to be done, but nothing beats experience. Jessilynn also played wedding planner for us in many ways, not something we were expecting or paid for but simply something that came natural to her.
Personally I'm a bit camera shy, and hours of photos wasn't something I was looking forward to. However, Jessilynn and her second photographer were able to quickly put me at ease, feel comfortable and provide direction. The result... It was great! Hours of photos melted together into a good time with friends, family and my new wife. Our entire party had nothing but amazing things to say about the photography experience and the pictures... oh the pictures.
Want to feel like a GQ model? This is it! The photos we got back were fantastic and the entire set played out our entire wedding in still frames. Capturing our moments, our friends, family and invited kids with great composure. A mix of formal, candid and fun group photos, we got it all! Jessilynn is a warm hearted soul with great skill that will be there with you from beginning to end and available afterwards if you need it. Thanks Jessilynn!

Amanda & Brendan

Jessilynn is an absolute gem! When I first stumbled across Jessilynn, my fiancé and I were instantly IN LOVE with her work. On chatting with Jessilynn, it was like we had known her forever. She was so supportive prior to our shoot with not only general wedding advice as well as unique photo locations. I haven't had anyone show such a genuine interest in my wedding planning thus far.
Both my fiancé and I were so nervous leading up to the shoot, but Jessilynn made it so much fun, giving guidance when needed, yet hands off enough for us to make natural pictures. My absolute favourite part of the day was when my fiancé and I were cuddling for a few photo's, with me on his lap and Jessilynn told him to whisper something funny... or dirty in my ear. I am not sharing what he said, but the genuine laugh she was able to capture from that moment was so special.
I have to say, we are absolutely thrilled. I may have squealed on first look! It is really so special to have our love captured so creatively! The passion Jessilynn exerts to provide the highest quality results speaks volumes.


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