Heirloom Album and Books

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Fine Art Album

The Fine Art Album is hand crafted by local professionals and made with the finest quality. These albums are lay flat (panoramic with no gutter) and made to last. They come with thick or thin semi gloss, white pages and artisan cover options such as Linen, Sakura Cotton, and Vegan Leather. Each album comes with 10 spreads (20 pages).

Additional pages are sold in spreads (2 pages) for $75. Upgrade to Matte paper $4 per spread. Custom album sizes are available, please get in touch if you have a special request. See below for album accessories and upgrade options. 

8×8 Fine Art Album $1,000

10×10 Fine Art Album $1,200

12×12 Fine Art Album $1,400

Price List

The Wedding Book

The 12×12 Wedding Book includes 60 pages of thin matte paper to store all your memories. This press printed book is available with an Oatmeal or Charcoal linen cover. This book is ideal for a guest signing book, parent gift or wedding book. Additional pages are sold in sets of 2 for $7.

12×12 Wedding Book $475

8×10 Signing Book $375

Price List

Album Accessories and Add ons

Make your Fine Art Album unique by customizing it with metallic calligraphy, album box and vellum paper.  

Vellum Paper – White frosted paper with black font on the first page of the album.

Calligraphy – Available in gold, silver and black foil. This calligraphy can be added to the album and album box covers.

Album Box – This album box is customized to fit your fine art album in the same fabric 

Matte Paper (per spread) $4

Additional Spreads $75

Album Box $400

Vellum Paper $40

Genuine Leather Cover $350

Suede or French Velvet Cover $200

Calligraphy (Gold, Silver or Black) $250

Print Font (Embossed, Gold, Silver or Black) $100