Best Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues in Greater Toronto Area

As a wedding photographer in Toronto, Ontario I’m often asked what are my favourite wedding venues? I thought I’d share a few of them here. If you’re planning a wedding in the city or in the greater Toronto area these lists will help find your ideal ceremony and reception venue. Once you’ve found your wedding venue everything else can fall into place. I’d love to hear your plans for your wedding day send me a note on by visiting my contact page here.


My Zara leather jacket is my favourite accessory. I’m nearly always dressed in neutral colours. In the summer I wear sundresses all day everyday. When I leave the house I wave at my dog… even though I know he’ll never wave back. Yeah, I’m that girl. I have a habit of becoming friends with my clients. I must look hungry to them, because they keep inviting me out to dinner. If eating is a hobby, I’d say dining out is my number one hobby. My go to junk food is fries. Oh for the love of fries. I’d do terrible things. Just kidding, well maybe not. I photograph weddings, because I love real life love stories. Your love story is the inspiration for my photos. I think every couple is unique. I will ask questions, get you to share your thoughts with each other and get you playing instead of posing. For that reason I promise you’ll leave a photo shoot with me learning something you never knew about your partner and having fun. Weddings make me feel like I’m in the backseat of someone’s adventure. I love capturing the quiet, the fun and joyful moments of the day. I have an eye for intimate moments. When I see something that makes the hairs on my neck stand up I lean in with my camera. Memories fade over time. Photos are there to make them last forever. I’m here to save those memories for you.