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Today we are sharing our top pandemic wedding planning tips. Last year, Jasmine, All That Jaz Weddings and I have teamed up to offer the Intimate Wedding Collection. This collection has everything you need for a spectacular micro wedding: a wedding planner (All That Jaz Weddings), a photographer (Jessilynn Wong Photography), an officiant (Ceremonies with Choice), a florist, and musicians for the ceremony. This inclusive package is for couples who want to have a small, stylish, and safe wedding.   

“Planning during the pandemic is difficult, but with a good team and a solid plan, it can be so much fun! I find it’s best to embrace the restrictions instead of fighting them. So, how can you make it the best night ever within the parameters we have been given? The answer is simple, remember that getting married is THE reason for the celebration and the rest will follow. People are just so grateful to get out of the house and celebrate something good in an environment where they feel safe. Place an emphasis on good quality food, drinks, design and entertainment. Those are the key areas that don’t always get the most attention with a larger guest count. You have the opportunity to create a unique and memorable experience for your intimate wedding, why not make it the best possible!” – Jasmine, All That Jaz Weddings

It’s no secret I love intimate weddings. The schedule for the day is chill, so the couple is relaxed and can focus on having meaningful interactions with their guests. Our couples have said The Intimate Wedding Collection was ideal for them and they couldn’t imagine their weddings any other way. They loved the freedom it gave them and how comforted they felt knowing their day was in the right hands. 

Here are our top 7 Pandemic Wedding Planning Tips:   

1. Let go of past ideas: First and foremost, let’s get rid of the misconception that your wedding won’t be as fun because it’s going to be small. It’s ok to mourn past ideas of what you thought your wedding would look like, but if we’re honest a lot of wedding goals change throughout the wedding planning process. Let’s look at the bright side of things: a small wedding can still be the wedding of your dreams with a few adjustments.

2. Keep an open mind: Being open-minded and flexible is a key part of planning a wedding during this pandemic. Restrictions will change, sometimes in your favour and sometimes with cuts to the guest list. 

3. Make tiered guest lists: Make tiered guest lists for 10, 25, 50, or 100 guests. Don’t worry, people won’t be offended if they’re cut. Everyone understands that guest restrictions are part of the way we hold events these days. 

4. Think about a virtual component: As per the gathering limits last year, you may be able to have more guests for the ceremony than for the reception. Set up Zoom for extra guests to attend virtually. Schedule the things you’d like your guests to be a part of—e.g., champagne toast, cake cutting, or first dance—right after the ceremony so that virtual guests can experience the highlights of your wedding day. 

5. Consider a venue that has options: If you’re concerned about reducing your guest list, consider choosing a venue that can host guests outside and inside. The number of people allowed at indoor-only spaces is lower, and private residences (i.e., backyard weddings) are allowed fewer guests than staffed venues are. This is because venues are responsible for adhering to regulations. Remember to include yourself and your spouse in your gathering number! 

6. Take advantage of special offers from vendors: Working on a limited budget? This is the best time to get married! Many desirable venues are offering reduced rental or minimum-spend rates. Some vendors are also offering smaller packages and discounted services or products.   

7. Embrace the now: Many of our couples told us that the main reason why they wanted to continue with their wedding plans was because they didn’t want to put their life plans on hold any longer. Some couples opted to delay their weddings for a year, only to find themselves in a similar position this year. We are hopeful things will get better, but we don’t know what the future holds during this pandemic. By having your wedding this year, you can benefit from all the experience we’ve gained in the past year and navigate your wedding plans with open eyes.
Delaying your wedding leaves some things up to chance: your venue and vendors could go out of business, your deposits could be lost, and you may find yourself in the same circumstances we face today. This is a big decision to make, but pandemic or not, life can still have its special moments. Like looking into your partner’s eyes and saying “I do”. Imagine that joyful feeling wash over you as you finally become a married couple. These moments are waiting for you to bring them to life. Why not experience them sooner rather than later?  


Why did you choose the Intimate Wedding Collection? 

The intimate wedding was such a smooth experience and we loved that it felt organic from start to finish. This smaller wedding felt much more connected with our guests which allowed us to have opportunities to thank all of our friends and family by sharing our gratitude and joy. – John & Emily   

A tip you have for couples getting married during a pandemic? 

Flexibility and fluidity are key during these unexpected times. Keep a positive mindset that everyone is just happy for both of you—and no one will be offended if they’re not invited. It’s important to know that plans can pivot at any moment but enlisting a strong supporting cast like a wedding planner or photographer can be invaluable to help plan alternative ideas and options. If the couple has a large group of family and friends who cannot attend, adding photography or videography is a great idea to capture and share the special moment with others down the line. – John & Emily  

What did you love about your intimate wedding? 

Even with all the last-minute changes and adjustments, we had a stress-free day, which was such a good feeling. We laughed and had fun all day long. I was also finally able to see my sister for the first time in ten months, which was wonderful. – Sarah & Adrian  

What was important for you to have at your wedding? 

Because the restrictions changed multiple times leading up to our wedding date, we had to rethink our priorities and let go of all the things we thought were necessary for a wedding. Ultimately, the important part was saying our vows and being married. We had just four guests in attendance, and we didn’t even have our rings yet, but the day didn’t feel like a compromise. We got married in a beautiful setting, with our original officiant and photographer, so the ceremony itself was actually very close to what we had envisioned. – Sarah & Adrian  

A highlight or anecdote from your wedding day?

 For all those couples getting married in a pandemic I’d say—roll with the punches, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need! You’d be surprised at how much is possible when you have a great wedding team helping you along the way. It’s absolutely worth it to hire a wedding planner if things feel too stressful. There are lots of restrictions, and your wedding team is there to make sure it’s the best possible version of what you want and need. – Meghan & Fred 

 A lot of us have faced challenges this past year and we’re thankful to have created a solution that has helped couples and small business owners. We planned and photographed some incredible intimate weddings and we’ll continue to offer our services. If you’re thinking about having a small wedding, we’d love to hear from you!  Send us a message below. Thank you for reading. We hope these pandemic wedding planning tips have helped you.


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