One of the most common questions I’m asked by couples is what to do if it rains on their wedding day. As an experienced Toronto wedding photographer, I’ve photographed many rainy Toronto weddings and none of them have been ruined by mother nature. Rain in Toronto rarely lasts all day long, as it often stops for moments of sunshine.

Here are my top 3 tips for dealing with rain on a wedding day:

1. Clear or Matching Umbrellas

Whenever the forecast calls for rain, I bring a few clear umbrellas with me just in case. I also encourage my couples to prepare for the day by bringing enough clear or matching umbrellas for themselves and their wedding party. Matching umbrellas creates symmetry in photos and keeps you dry! Along with umbrellas, a change of shoes or rain boots and towels are also useful.

Here are a couple of links for umbrellas:

White Umbrella Co. is a Toronto-based company that provides last-minute delivery of clear umbrellas.
Amazon carries a variety of umbrellas with fast shipping.

2. Overhanging roofs, trees, and indoor locations

Using photo locations that have overhanging roofs, underpasses, or trees can give you the appearance of the outdoors without you having to be directly in the rain. If your bride-and-groom session is in downtown Toronto, try Osgoode Hall. If your wedding is in Vaughn, Black Creek Pioneer Village is a good option for a rustic look. Or get creative with your indoor locations! Use your favourite pub, cafe, pizza place, etc. You might even incorporate your love for Starbucks by shooting in the cafe, like Lesley and Tyler.

3. Get outside for some amazing sunset shots

Before the rain falls, the grey clouds can make for some excellent diffused light which is great for photos. After the rain falls, there often is an amazing sunset. It rained throughout Laura and Ryan’s wedding day with a few pockets of dry weather. At the end of the night I encouraged them to go outside for a few sunset portraits. The result was something pretty magical.

Rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck. So if it rains try to no let it dampen your spirits.