Sandra and Chris are kids are heart. They love sweets, soft colors and whimsical details. They felt the elegance and charm of Colette was the perfect match for their personalities. They cuddled, kissed and giggled to each other under the sparkly chandlers and mini hot air balloons.

Proposal Story

It was on a gorgeous weekend last June that Chris told Sandra that he had an appointment downtown, and that she could meet him afterwards so they could spend some time together. Unbeknownst to Sandra, he had a whole day planned for her to revisit all the spots they’ve visited that were memorable in their 3+ year relationship. When this was happening, Sandra felt like he was up to something but she still wasn’t sure what the occasion was. It wasn’t until Chris brought her to a fancy restaurant that they visited on their 1-year anniversary that Sandra realized that he was probably going to propose! After dinner, they took a nice stroll around a small neighborhood; unfortunately, Sandra started feeling very ill and she had to go home much to Chris’ disappointment.

Fast forward to a few months later, and Chris and Sandra went hiking on a cool autumn day. Eventually, they stopped at a clearing and chatted there for a bit until Chris went down on one knee…and presented a wrapped gift box to her saying that it was his belated anniversary gift to her. Sandra opened the box to find a cute vinyl toy character with a ring around its arm. (The vinyl character was similar to the first gift Chris had bought Sandra before they started dating.) It was all nervous laughter between them as Chris proposed, to which Sandra finally said yes!

This engagement session was featured in Knotsvilla check out their post here.

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