“Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant.”

Judy and Ervin’s love story started five years ago. Their first date started as a Doctor Who marathon, but quickly turned into an adventure downtown. This fun loving pair dined at the historic Flatiron building, raced paper boats in a nearby fountain and strolled the streets of Toronto. They talked all night long and when the sun rose up the next day it was evident their was something special between them.

For their engagement photos we went down memory lane and captured their romance in the place where they first fell in love. We went to Rainbow cinema where Judy and Ervin spent their lazy Sunday afternoons. To pay homage to their love of food and adorable habit of feeding one another other we stopped over at the St. Lawrence Market to eat at Catch. The couple love eating and feeding people so much I even got hand fed!

What excites them the most about getting married is the time they will spend together. In their own words, Judy and Ervin are looking forward to a lifetime of gluttony, squealing over puppies and watching Walmart fights on YouTube. I couldn’t have dreamed up a cutier pair that kept me doubling over in laughter. Judy and Ervin I cannot wait for your wedding day to arrive!