Three days before his proposal, Harveer contacted me. He told me about the scavenger hunt he had prepared for his girlfriend, Sukraaj. Her scavenger hunt included breakfast, a trip to the spa and clues from each of their friends and family. I loved that his proposal included all the people that were important to them so they could take part in this special moment in their lives. Moments before Sukraaj’s limo arrived to the proposal site Harveer and I were lighting candles and spreading out rose petals. I looked up and asked him if he was nervous, because I was!  Harveer said no, he was just excited for her to arrive. He was calm, cool, collected and ready for his big moment. Through out the day, Sukraaj messaged Harveer, but he didn’t answer. He wanted the day to be veiled in mystery, their first conversation had only four words… will you marry me?

This proposal was recently featured on Wedding Chicks! Check it the blog post here.




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I love this!!! So adorable!! Great job, Jessilynn and congrats you two!