While most love letters are known to come in the form of pen and paper, this one will be in the form of a post. This love letter is to my dear friends, Chelsea, Kevin and Norah Carter. I first met Chelsea and Kevin nearly a decade ago when their relationship was young. They met at the end of high school and went to college together, rarely missing a lunch hour without each other. Being the rebellious punk lover she was, Chelsea introduced Kevin to The Ramones and Slipknot while he introduced her to Biggie Smalls and Wu-Tang. While their interests may have seemed different they couldn’t have been more connected. They were inseparable and it soon became obvious they were going to be a couple that lasted forever. Years later, during a road trip to Banff, on a mountain top, Kevin proposed to Chelsea. She became a Bride and for the very first time, I was a Bridesmaid. Their fall wedding was just like them; classy, fun and intimate.

A year afterwards, the lovely Norah Isabelle came into their world adding more laughter, shrieks of joy and excitement into their home. During my last visit with the Carters, Norah showed me her loose tooth and protectively watched over her favourite doll. Her clever, protective nature is fitting, because this summer she’s going to become a big sister! Congratulations Carter family! My heart swells with love for your expanding family. I can’t wait to visit this summer and meet Norah’s first sibling.