Have I mentioned how much I love a good proposal in Toronto? When I was a kid, my favourite thing to do was surprise people. I’d do anything to get a good reaction: hide in closets, jump out of boxes, or put gifts in sneaky places. Now I photograph surprise proposals in Toronto. To pull off such a feat without being discovered, you need a plan and a good poker face. Thankfully, Michael had both of these things.

Michael and Angelina met at work. For a while they were just co-workers until one day Michael asked her out to a Raptors game. Everything changed after that first date, and it wasn’t long before they knew this was it for them. When Michael reached out to me for Toronto proposal photography he had his proposal all planned out. Michael and Angelina love Trillium Park, so the plan was to take her for a walk in their favourite park and pop the big question. I arrived early at the park to find a good hiding spot behind some rocks, then waited for Michael and Angelina to walk by. Even though I’ve photographed a number of proposals in Toronto, I still feel tingly and nervous before the big moment.

This occasion didn’t disappoint. When Michael got down on bended knee, Angelina was so surprised and emotional. I loved seeing her delighted reaction. Once she said yes, I got out of my hiding spot and introduced myself. These two were so giddy afterwards, they would pause to shriek with joy every so often. Their happiness was infectious. We took some engagement photos around the park before they left to celebrate their engagement.