When you’re starting out you feel like you have a new question everyday, a problem that needs to get resolved. When I was starting my business I’d often think, “How do other photographers do this? because there has got to be an easier way to do things than the way I’m doing them.” The answer is nearly always YES. If you find yourself running into the same problem over and over there is an easy answer.

The first few shoots I did I edited them on software I downloaded for free and gave my clients their photos via dropbox. Years into my business I know how to support my clients in the best way possible. These are my essential tools for running a successful business. I’ve also included my discount codes and referral links below!

Nikon NPS Program

As a Nikon Photographer on the biggest benefits has been the NPS program. The NPS program is designed for professional photographers and provides you with free loaners cameras/lenses and repairs. This program is free for professional photographers with two pro bodies and lenses. To join NPS you need a signature and info of a current NPS member. This program has helped me immensely especially during a busy season when I need repairs/loaners for my equipment.

Lightroom & Photoshop

Where would we be without Lightroom? Batch editing makes a world of difference when you’re delivering hundreds of images. It also helps create a consistent editing style. I often make my own presets and save them under my folder in Lightroom.

Lightroom and Photoshop are sold as a bundle now.

Jpeg Mini

Shrinking the size of your images down so they take up less room. When Jpeg mini came onto the scene it really blew my mind. This software compacts the image without losing the changing the quality of the photo. This makes uploading your photos a lot faster and takes up less room in the gallery or USB. However you deliver you photos this is a must have.

WD External Hard drive

When uploading my raw files I always save them onto two hard drives that are exactly alike. I use two 8TB WD hard drives for the whole season. If don’t photograph that many shoots you won’t need hard drives that large. I keep two identical hard drives incase one corrupts. I also save the files onto the cloud at Backblaze and I save one set of the cards until I deliver the images to my clients.


What if your laptop and your hard drives went up in smoke? What if they stopped working? What would you do? Backblaze is cloud storage. It uploads all the info on your external hard drive and computer up into the cloud. Ideally you’ll keep a copy of your files on two hard drives and one copy of the cloud for safe keeping. If one of your hard drives break down Backblaze will send you a copy of your files.

Memory Cards

SanDisk Extreme cards always. I also write the year I purchased the cards on the pack of each card so I know when to replace them. Ideally cards last about 2-3 years.


Website themes that make your site look visually appealing.


Use this link to get your site set up with Site ground https://www.siteground.com/?referrer_id=7418673


I deliver all my photos to my clients using Pixieset. It has beautiful galleries, easy to navigate options for client’s to purchase photos, create favourites lists, share to social media and download their photos from the site. They’ve also added a slideshow feature.


Dubsado is client management system. Is an all in one system for sending out invoices, contracts, job proposals, questionnaires, email templates along with a slew of other things. It takes a bit of time to set it up, but it’s well worth it once you get going. If you only have a handful of clients to manage you might not need, but it’s definitely a necessity as you grow your business.

Dubsado current has packages ranging from $35/per month and up. Click the link below and use my code Jess20 to receive 20% off. https://www.dubsado.com/?c=jess20

Smart Slides

Smart slides are a great way of making a visual impact when delivering client galleries. Your photos set to music. It’s a great way of sharing your images in a attractive visual way.