A few weeks ago, Chee Ming emailed me searching for a Toronto proposal photographer. After years in a long distance relationship between Malaysia and Toronto, he wanted to propose to his long time love, Su Min, who had recently moved to the city. She didn’t know many places in the city, but she liked the historical buildings in Yorkville. So together Chee Ming and I planned his proposal. He wanted the moment to be private and intimate so he found an Airbnb in the neighbourhood to set the stage for his proposal. For weeks he spent his evenings researching ideas on Pinterest and creating decorations for the event.

When I arrived at the condo, I saw Chee Ming had dressed up the room with hand-made decorations, twinkle lights, and photos of their favourite memories. Moments before she arrived, he looked at me nervously. He asked me to go over the plan again: “When should I give her the flowers? Is it okay if I say something before I propose? Where should I stand?” After seven years, she still makes him nervous. How endearing!

Once Su Min walked in, Chee Ming took her by the hand and led her around the room. Chee Ming spoke to her in Mandarin before getting down on one knee to ask the four words, “Will you marry me?” The room was filled with so much happiness I felt tingly witnessing it all unfold. I gave them a few minutes alone before we went out to our first stop. Hand in hand, they walked over to my favourite gelato place, Gelato Simply Italian. They found a quiet spot to eat their gelato and take in the excitement of their engagement. Afterwards we strolled through Yorkville to take a few engagement photos. It’s being a part of moments like this that make me so thankful to call this my “job’. Congrats Su Min and Chee Ming!

Florist: Benny & Viv

Proposal space: Airbnb