Lucienna and John met when they were 20 and 22. John had black hair and Lucienna looked like a total babe in a swimsuit. They were with their friends looking for people to swim with when they met on the beach 67 years ago. Neither can remember who made the first move, but John still talks about meeting her like it was yesterday. These days things are a little slower. Their days are filled with rituals. Every morning she wakes up first. She brings him breakfast and crossword puzzles from their retirement home. They fill their days playing board games and talking about their grand kids. Watching them hold each other, flirt with each other (yes, really!) and talk about the life they made together made my heart expand. I hear a lot of love stories, but none have made me feel as hopeful as John and Lucienna. I’ll be wearing their love story on my heart for a long time.